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Candle Wax Comparison: Paraffin vs. Soy vs. Palm

Candle Wax Comparison: Paraffin vs. Soy vs. Palm

Well we all know yankee candle owns majority of the candle market throughout the United states. Most of us don't know that the wax they use is derived from petroleum, diesel fuel and kerosene. I can’t imagine that is safer than either soy or palm.

Soy has become popular over past 20 years because people think the soy bean is all natural. Well yes the bean is natural, but the bean being turned into wax, that’s a different story. The use of hexane, benzene, toluene and acrylic acid is main ingredients used to refined the wax chemically. Lastly, year after year the ground gets cultivated and re dug for soy bean planting, that’s not environmentally friendly although it’s also not harming anything, its not as sustainable as palm wax.

The use of palm oil has lead to a large amount of the orangoutang population on the verge of extinction. The palm oil industry is clearing rain forests, and the only honest farmers belong to the Rountable of Sustainable Palm Oil. RSPO for short, they make sure that the 12% of palm wax thats certified, comes from a plantation that has been around for decades, ensuring it’s not destroying rain forests to create farms. With that being said all palm wax we use is RSPO certified, it’s more expensive but you pay for what you get. The berries of the palm fruit are pressed physically, kind of like grapes with wine, and the process is completely natural. Also, the same trees can bear fruit for 50+ years, leaving a very small impact on mother earth. The beautiful finish the palm wax candles have is similar to marble, they have every other candle beat on every level.

Is a candle from yankee candle going to kill you? The answer is no, its not as bad as it seems, however why would you buy a candle made from petroleum when for the same price you can get an all natural, handmade Palm wax candle? Especially when we scent ours 6%, double the industry standard, we make them to order, customize your label, all for a price that beats yankee candles.

Jul 26, 2019

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